Wisteria Wood

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Associate Marriage and Family Therapist # 146560, Associate Professional Clinical Counselor #16457

My name is Wisteria Wood (they/them/theirs). I work with children, adolescents, and adults who are experiencing anxiety, depression, impairments from trauma, LGBTQIA+ identity issues, and anyone else who wants to collaborate on making positive changes in their life.

My approach is to meet you with compassion and a strong belief in your ability to make change. As we work together, my focus is to get to know you as an individual and understand what has impacted your life. I want to support you in identifying achievable goals and celebrating your successes along the way. I strive to help you discover more about what does and does not work for you as you consider what you can and can't control in your life. We will focus on enhancing your strengths and improving your ability to cope with what is causing you to seek therapy.

Life can be full of beauty and it can also be heartbreaking. You deserve to feel as many moments of joy as you can cultivate in this precious life. I look forward to meeting you and seeing the progress you make in your growth and healing.