Michelle Davison

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Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #143443

Are you noticing that unresolved trauma from the past is affecting you now, negatively impacting your life and relationships? My clients are those who recognize that talk therapy alone will not solve their current issues. They recognize that a holistic approach to healing is essential to living a life that feels more free and aligned. My clients are usually curious about, or already utilizing holistic healing modalities and want support and tools to reduce their current mental health symptoms.

I am here to offer you a breath of fresh air when it comes to therapy. I will see you (or you and your partner, or your teen) as the powerful, unique individuals that you are. I look forward in supporting you in working to reduce the negative thoughts and patterns that are bringing so much discomfort to your life lately, and instill a renewed sense of hope.

There often comes some (or tons of) discomfort when seeking a new therapist. It can be scary and uncomfortable. There is no pressure with me. I welcome you to reach out for a quick call to ask any and all questions you have so that you can identify if we feel like a good match to move forward together in therapy. I look forward to connecting.