Brighten LeBeau

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Associate Marriage and Family Therapist # 87642 

I work with couples, individuals, and young adults, including those who struggle with relationship issues, mood instability, self-acceptance, LGBTQ+ identity, anxiety, OCD, and anyone who wants to create a more true and beautiful life.

My therapeutic approach begins with curiosity. A curiosity that looks deeply into the negative beliefs you hold about yourself that are limiting your life. Through self-compassion, I can help you establish a right view of yourself in order to bring awareness to the way you interact in the world. With your newly established awareness and self-acceptance, you can live and love with an authentic sense of purpose and connection.

I believe that we are born perfect- but hardship, trauma, and life experiences convince us that we are flawed. Unfortunately, it is easy to believe these false narratives and create our own suffering by acting on our negative beliefs. I see therapy as a safe space to express and unlearn these long-held beliefs that do not serve us. Welcome to the unlearning!

Congratulations on taking a step toward healing. Being brave enough to investigate your internal world to improve your life is nothing short of incredible. I am proud of you for being here and I look forward to working with you!