Tiya Johnson

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Associate Professional Clinical Counselor # 12332

My name is Tiya Johnson and a therapist at A Place of Growth. I look forward to welcoming you into a session with me. I want you to feel safe, empowered and ready to work. As a therapist I realized that many of us may feel broken and want to be "fixed", but therapy is not about fixing ourselves it is about building a toolbox to help us tackle the many problems that we face and struggle with. In our sessions you will gain insight, be challenged and experience a new way of thinking all with me right by your side cheering you on.

As a therapist I use evidence-based practices including mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, Gottman couples therapy, Narrative therapy and Solution Focused therapy. When providing therapy I work with individuals who struggle with depression, anxiety, childhood trauma & post-traumatic stress disorder, life transitions, and substance use.

The ultimate goal is to help you identify and overcome your obstacles so you may adapt to the changes in your life and feel a sense of balance. When thinking about your solution don't think about the time it will take think about the goal you are trying to reach and entrust me to help you get there in as many steps as it will take.