Hope Czbas

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Associate Professional Clinical Counselor License # 9034

Hi Y'all! My name is Hope and I'm an Associate Professional Clinical Counselor. I always say that therapists are like shoe's, and sometimes we have to continue trying them on until we find the right fit! I know finding the right clinician can be difficult, but it's worth it once you've found someone who for for you. i believe therapy to be a two way dynamic and I'm committed to providing a space of care, understanding, listening and love. Simply meeting each individual where they are at.

Coming from a background of social justice, critical gender studies and queer or non binary identities, I tend to apply a more intersectional approach to my theoretical frameworks. I feel it's important to recognize how binary of race, sexuality, gender, religion, culture, socioeconomic status, spirituality, citizenship and education play a role.

Now is a time to enter into a place of thrive as opposed to settling to a barely exist. Therapy is not always a space that leads to immediate results; nonetheless, the results you can obtain are those that are everlasting! None of us need to be "fixed" for non of us are broken; maybe just a little wounded.