Anja Devine

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My name is Anja Devine and I am a therapist that is committed to providing an environment where one can feel safe and heard in all of their struggles. Some of my core values are commitment and a compassion to helping people. What you would see if you sit down in session with me is my desire to help you overcome any mental, emotional, or relational issue without any judgement on the length of time this journey it might take.

Through my different experiences working with wide range of individuals, couple, and families in all ages, I have found that I draw from evidence based practices such as solution-focused, emotional-focused, and cognitive-behavioral therapy and show how to apply them in real life. 

I will prioritize understanding, humor and empathy while I work toward building the bridge of communication. What I love about this work is witnessing the difference in people and within their relationships. I believe that everyone deserves to be heard, no matter their situation because life can be difficult.